Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy great food with your loved ones. Unfortunately, one side effect of this special occasion is an increase in tooth decay. This is because of the large number of acidic foods and drinks consumed. To enjoy this holiday season without worrying about your teeth, you can get same-day crowns.

What Are Same-day Crowns?

A crown is a type of restoration used to repair heavily damaged teeth or those that have large cavities. It is custom-crafted for your tooth to provide full coverage of the visible tooth structure above the gum line and is often recommended after a root canal treatment. While traditional dental crowns are crafted in a dental lab over the course of two weeks, our dentist at Sina Malekuti DDS, PC offer same-day CEREC® crowns in Springfield, VA. A same-day crown is a type of dental crown that, as its name suggests, is made and placed in a single appointment. Thanks to modern advances in dentistry and the materials and techniques available, a crown can be created and placed in a couple of hours instead of the weeks it used to take.

The milling device in our office uses CAD/CAM technology to replicate the natural appearance of your teeth for optimal results. Once your dentist has designed your crown, it is milled and placed onto your tooth in just one appointment. Same-day crowns eliminate the need for multiple trips to the dentist, saving you time and improving your comfort.

Are Same-day Crowns Safe?

Yes, same-day crowns are perfectly safe! Your dentist will need to prepare your tooth for the crown, which means removing any decay and shaping your tooth so the crown can fit over it. They’ll use a special dental adhesive to cement your dental crown onto your tooth once it’s finished.

Many patients prefer getting a crown on the same day so that they can get their teeth back to normal as soon as possible. Not needing a temporary crown or a second appointment for your permanent crown can save you time, money, and stress down the road. It can also help you avoid the embarrassment of having a gap in your smile while you wait for your permanent crown to come in!

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